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Guaranteed, if we reach 4 drawings, payout of at least $10,000 from the Break & Run.

Break & Run Results:

Two Drawings at $1000 per ball, David Lear came up empty on the break but Zack Leonard was able to make two balls. We now do extra draws, if the first two players don't make a ball. We will give away up to half of ticket sales from the night.  We now are limiting the tournament entries to a maximum field of 64. No call ins allowed. Must be here before 7:30 to get in. Don't be late or you will miss out! We had 42 players in our double elimination 9 ball tournament this week. Paid out over $3100 this Wednesday night, how much more next week is up to the players.

We have made some changes to the tournament - $20 Entry Fee, Extended the races by one game,

rack your own, 9 ball does not count on the break and called 9 ball

Tournament Results 3-4-14

  1. David Styers 8, $420
  2. Derrick Leonard 14, $210
  3. Doug Bartlett 8, $105
  4. Jason Hunt 6, $100

Future Events

Cash League Top 5

1 Ray's Team 22
2 Justin's Team 17
3 Matt's Team 17
4 Scott's Team 17
5 Donny's Team 16
6 Ron's Team 12
7 Brenda's Team 12
8 Michael's Team 12

10 Ball Break & Run Pots!



Next Drawing will be

March 11, 2015

at 10:30pm

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